Solar water heater

Solar water heater warming frameworks incorporate capacity tanks and solar power gathers. There are two kinds of Solar Water Heater dynamic, which have circling siphons and controls, and detached, which don’t.


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What is Solar water heater FPC

We manufacture both FPC Solar Water Heaters and ETC Solar Water Heaters Solar water heater gets radiator from solar power , Flat Plate Collector (FPC) , Sunlight based high temp water is a water warming framework that has progressed significantly in the previous decade. There are key segments of any sun oriented water warming framework, for example, gatherers. The hot waters are sun powered vitality items and significant as affiliates frequently characterize sun based water radiators dependent on authorities. Presently an inquiry emerges, what is known as a sun oriented gatherer? A sun based gatherer is a key gadget and utilized in the sun powered boiling water framework, which gathers heat by retaining daylight to warm the water.


What is Solar water heater ETC?

Solar water heater utilize the sun vitality to warm water during the day. This heated water is put away inside a protected sun oriented boiling water tank for use at whatever point required. The sun beams have enough vitality to warm water up to 55°C to 70°C which is more than adequate for washing and washing reason in washrooms and kitchen. With no support prerequisite, solar water heater gives an ease long haul answer for getting boiling water. For overcast days, sunlight based water radiator have an inbuilt electric warming component for reinforcement. Basically, solar water heater do conversion of sunlight into renewable energy for water heating using a solar thermal collector.



  • Green Energy, no pollution, Eco Friendly
  • Designed to perform in all seasons and all regions
  • Puff panels insulation technique for effective heat retention
  • Maintenance free, Zero running cost
  • Pressurized and heat exchanging models also available
  • SS 316 L Grade Hot water storage tank
  • Installed for Houses, Schools, Institutions, Hospitals, Hostels, Apartments etc.,
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