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Solar Energy is a significant sustainable power source with the possibility to address a few difficulties we face as mankind. This force source is expanding in prominence on account of its flexibility and numerous advantages to individuals and the earth. Environmental change has prompted genuine emergency, with increment in flooding and typhoons because of upset climate designs. High carbon dioxide content in the environment is making seas acidic and murdering marine life. Higher temperatures lead to dissolving of polar ice tops, diminishing natural surroundings for untamed life and expanding ocean level. Sporadic precipitation or expanding dry spells influence horticulture and employments of the more fragile segments of society all around the globe.

What is Solar PV ?

A solitary Solar PV Cells can't give required helpful yield. So to build yield power level of a PV framework, it is required to interface number of such PV Solar powered cells. A sun based module is regularly arrangement associated adequate number of sunlight based cells to give required standard yield voltage and force. One Solar Cell PV module can be evaluated from 3 watts to 300 watts. The Solar modules or PV modules are economically accessible fundamental structure square of a solar cell electric force age framework. All things considered a solitary solar based PV cell produces extremely modest quantity that is around 0.1 watt to 2 watts. However, it isn't useful to utilize such low force unit as building square of a framework. So required number of such cells are consolidated together to frame a down to earth industrially accessible Solar Cell unit which is known as Solar PV module. In a solar cells module the sunlight based cells are associated in same style as the battery cell units in a battery bank framework. That implies positive terminals of one cell associated with negative terminal voltage of sunlight based module is straightforward aggregate of the voltage which individual cells associated in arrangement in the module.

customized design

• 40 MW Solar Pv Modules fully automated production line

• On-line EL Test further enhances the quality and consistency

• Input Raw Materials & solar cell are from certified and top quality reputed manufacturers.

• Capacity from 1 WP TO 400 WP

• Innovative customized design based on client’s requirement. 

Mono Crystalline Vs Poly Crystalline
Solar PV

users experience

  • Stable Integration & Advance Plant control Features
  • Superior energy yield with integrated and optimized technologies throughout the plant & operations
  • World-Class execution with our procurement and construction capabilities
  • Technologies proven to deliver reliable energy yield and stable grid integration.
  • Experienced work force especially for operation and maintenance (O&M) services.
  • Bankable result with projects development and financing expertise.
  • Trustworthy after sales services including AMC.

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