A Solar-Powered Pump is a pump running on electricity generated by photovoltaic panels or the thermal energy available from collected sunlight as opposed to grid electricity or diesel run water pumps.

The operation of solar powered pumps is more economical mainly due to the lower operation and maintenance costs and has less environmental impact than pumps.


  • Efficient use of Solar Power Monitor
  • Pressure Cut-off system.
  • Current Overload Protection
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Dry run Protection
  • Low Power Protection


  • Most Economical type water pumping system.
  • Since external wires are eliminated, risk of accidents is minimized.
  • Green energy, No pollution, Eco friendly
  • Separate parts of solar system can be easily carried to the remote areas.


  • Agriculture and Irrigation places, especially where grid electricity is unavailable and alternative sources.
  • Solar powered water pumps can deliver drinking water as well as water for livestock or irrigation purposes
  • Community based irrigation

Capacity Range: 1H.P, 1.5 H.P, 2 H.P, 3 H.P, 5 H.P, 7.5 H.P, 10 H.P